"Have you ever met the monster deep inside your heart? It whispers words of lucid dreams and shields your from the dark. The little child that lives in us in waiting to be free, looking for a little fun just like you and me" ~ TR


As we enter the season of Autumn, the cycle of light to dark, death of the lush green making way for new life, comes our latest creation- the WITCHOPERA EP. This compilation has been a long time in the making. For every few songs that were written for our previous albums came a track too dark, too moody, and too spine-chilling to sit comfortably with the others. Five tracks filled with emotionally charged vocals, heavy drumbeats, aggressive amped basslines, brooding cellos, and melancholy piano riffs will take you to the deepest, darkest parts of your heart. 

Teddy Romance was born in a dark dungeon palace like rehearsal space in Gastown, Vancouver, BC. Made up of two crazy roommates who wanted to create something different; an eclectic, electrifying sound animated by a living doll named Mandy Mouse and her mad-genius maker, drHOWELLS. Their music is an imaginative mix of Electronic, Alternative and Pop; including sub-genres such as Witchop and Dark Wave presented in a theatrical story. To date they have released three music videos, two EPs and two full length albums; unsigned and all self-produced. Check out their new WITCHOPERA EP available now worldwide!


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